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The Institute of Engineering Thermophysics (IET) at Shanghai Jiaotong University was founded in 1950. Approved by National Commission on Education, IET began to offer M.S. degrees in 1981. In 1986 it was among the first batch of universities to offer Ph.D programs in engineering thermophysics in China. In recent years, IET has received strong support from university’s “211 Engineering” and “985 Engineering” Funds, and it has post-doctoral program on Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics. The Institute of Engineering Thermophysics was rate #3 in the field of Engineering Thermophysics in China.

At the present time, the IET has 12 professors, 11 associate professors, 3 lecturers, and 2 engineers. Professor Ping Cheng, an academician of Chinese Academy of Science and a world-renowned heat transfer scholar, is the Honorary Director of the Institute. Prof. Cheng is presently an editor of International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer and International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer, and a member of editorial board of 12 other heat transfer journals. He is also a recipient of four international heat transfer awards(1996 ASME Heat Transfer Memorial Award, 2003 AIAA Thermophysics Award, 2006 ASME Heat Transfer Classic Paper Award, 2005 ASME/AIChE Max Jacob Memorial Award). Two faculty members of IET have received Ministry of Education New Century Excellent Talents Awards and Shanghai Municipal Shuguang Project Award.

The faculty and graduate student in the institute, are engaged in fundamental research in heat and mass transfer progresses with application for energy conversion and storage cooling of devices for aerospace and electric equipment in demand of industry needs. For several years, the institute has successfully cooperated with many important economic developments in Shanghai or China, such as in environmental protection, energy sources, biology, micro-electronics, astronautical engineering, transportation and metallurgy. 


Research Areas and Directions

Teaching and research in engineering thermophysics are two major missions of IET. The major research areas and directions of IET at the present time include: fluid flow and heat/mass transfer in nano/micro-systems; gas/liquid two-phase flow and boiling heat transfer; cooling of high heat flux devices; fuel cells; nano particles in enhanced heat transfer; radiative heat transfer; boiling and condensation heat transfer. IET is offering National Excellent Curriculum in “Engineering Thermodynamics” and Shanghai City Excellent Curriculum in “Heat Transfer”.


Scientific Research Strengths

IET has up-to-date scientific equipment and excellent research environment, and has completed a number of national and Shanghai City key research projects. At the present time, IET research projects include seven research grants from National Natural Science Foundation of China (including two Key Fundamental Research Project), one project from National Defense funds, one national “973” fund, two key fundamental research projects funded by the Shanghai Municipal Commission in Science and Technology, two international cooperative research programs on electric cooling and fuel cells, and 10 other cooperative research programs with industry. Faculty members in IET have received a number of scientific achievement awards, including the 2006 Shanghai City Natural Science Award(1st Class Category) and the 2007 State Natural Science Award of China (2nd Class Category) on the project “Fundamental Studies on Fluid Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer in Nano-Microsystems”, the 2001 Second Class Technology Development Award of China University on the project “Radiative Heat Transfer in Spaceship Engines”. These projects have supported national economy development and national defense industry。

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